Tropical Rat Mite – Not So Sunny in the Tropics

Over the past two weeks we’ve had two customers dealing with tropical rat mites. In both cases the bites seemed to come out of no where. The first case involved an elderly couple in Laguna Niguel that recently had pest control work done by a local pest company. The pest companies activity seemed to stir …

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Commercial Attic Cleanup

While most of our business comes from cleaning residential attics and rodent infestations, rats and pests find their way into many businesses as well. One of our projects involved a large 200,000 sf warehouse near LAX that had been vacant and was being prepared for potential tenants. The buildings operations team discovered a large infestation …

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Radiant Barriers

We’ve been installing quite a bit of Radiant Barriers lately. Our customers are usually looking for ways to reduce the temperature in the house during the warmer months of the year. Since summer is right around the corner radiant barrier installations have been ramping up. The homeowners for whom we’ve installed the radiant barriers say …

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