Daycares need love too

The most vulnerable people among us are the young and the elderly. Both are susceptible to infection and disease more so than a middle aged adult. With that being said our job becomes that much more important when kids and our gracefully matured loved ones are involved. As a company we take as many precautions as possible to minimize the possibility of making the problem of a contaminated attic any worse.

Daycare Preparation Work

We recently had the opportunity to clean up an attic infested with rodents at a large daycare facility. The facility was over 10,000 square feet and almost every inch of the attic contained rat droppings. To begin we protected all the floors and walls in order to create a barrier between them and the attic. This was a task in itself. The children’s chairs, tables, toys, and books were all under this barrier as well. Once the barrier was in place we opened a few of the ceiling panels which gave us access to the attic above. Our expert attic cleaning team ascended into the attic and began moving out the old rodent dropping contaminated insulation. After we removed the insulation out of one room we moved to the next, and so on. It took us a little over a day and a half to remove the insulation. Imagine the largest U-Haul truck you’ve seen on the road, the insulation we removed filled that size truck two times over, and we still had a few bags left to haul. We then had the task of cleaning up the rodent droppings and all the carcasses left behind. Again our attic cleanup crew climbed into the attic to vacuum out the droppings. That took us a long day and a half also.

The weekend for the work happened to fall on bright sunny California days. While the weather was beautiful outside, it made for uncomfortable conditions within the attic. The temperature rises quickly in the attic and we all had to wear protective gear including gloves, a bio-hazard suit, and a respirator. You really get a sweat going.

After three days of work we were finally able to decontaminate for the last hour and the attic was a lot safer and smelled a lot better! Once we finished decontaminating we cleaned up our critical barriers and room protection, and the janitorial crew wiped down every surface in the daycare facility. The parents, the children, and the teachers can all rest assured they are in a much safer environment.

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