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While most of our business comes from cleaning residential attics and rodent infestations, rats and pests find their way into many businesses as well. One of our projects involved a large 200,000 sf warehouse near LAX that had been vacant and was being prepared for potential tenants. The buildings operations team discovered a large infestation in an area of the warehouse which was exterminated by a local pest control company. We were then contacted by the pest control company to bid on the cleanup and decontamination. While the owner was a company based in Northern California the bid process was seem-less and we were quickly chosen to do the work.

The rodents covered approximately 3,000 sf in several areas of the warehouse floor with droppings. Our team started cleanup by erecting containment barriers in order to keep the contamination from spreading to the rest of the warehouse during remediation. We always follow IICRC procedures on a project like this which are the best work practices to protect workers and others in the area. The last thing you want to do is start sweeping up the rodent droppings, let alone without any protection.

When you begin cleaning, it is important that you do not stir up dust by sweeping droppings, urine, or nesting materials.

We first used our decontaminating agent to neutralize the bacteria and viruses that can be found in the droppings. We then used HEPA filter vacuums to physically remove the rat droppings throughout the area. We decontaminated again after pressure washing the area. Because we are well equipped, knowledgeable about the service, and experienced, the complete process took our crew one day with re-inspection the next day. Our client walked the job site the next month with a potential client and was satisfied with our work enough to write a Letter of Recommendation on our behalf. We can remediate any type of rodent or pest infestation. Whether it be rat droppings, bird droppings, or the like, we’re your best choice.

1 thought on “Commercial Attic Cleanup”

  1. For years, we have mice party every night, not only that, I got shoulder, back and headache for no reason.
    I did so many exams, but nothing wrong of me.
    Finally one of my friend told me,
    it’s probably because the waste from mice.
    I am lucky to find AtticGuys on line,
    at first I am not sure should I trust them, because I got them from internet.
    Then, I am super happy to see that this team are not only so “pro”, they are polite, nice, friendly.
    Under the summer temperature over 100F, they worked nothing less.
    First they took off all the old insulation, then clean the whole mice party ground, then spray the nature disinfectant, let it dry. Then patch all the holes, then bring in the new top quality insulation.
    For the first time of more than 5 years,
    I feel I am living in a clean house.
    My neighbors complained that all the little friends all went to their house….

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