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Last week I received an email from a customer stating she would like me to return to her home to correct some problems she has with the insulation we installed in her attic. I scheduled an appointment with her the next day. In the email the customer said her pest control technician, that has worked with her for many years, pointed out the insulation was installed incorrectly. The technician said we should have put marks on the support beams to install the insulation to the correct height. After inspecting the attic I came down to give her my conclusion.

Me: “You mentioned on my initial inspection your wooden floors were recently installed from what I recall, they’re beautiful.”
Customer: “Yes, I just got them done. Thank you.”
Me: “Well, I’m sure when you were looking for someone to install your new floors you looked for someone who did this as a profession and was very experienced with this type of work.”
Customer: “Yes, I did.”
Me: “The same goes for installing insulation in your home. You looked for a company that you were confident would get the job done right and you found us. Your Pest Control technician, I’m sure, is good at his job, but he is not a professional insulation contractor. The method of installing insulation your Pest Tech referred to is for a type of insulation that was not installed in your attic. The batt insulation in your attic is already measured to the correct height and installed properly throughout the attic.”
Customer: “I really appreciate you coming back out. I knew you guys did it right, I just wanted to make sure.”

This shows exactly why you shouldn’t get your insulation removed, your attic cleaned, or new insulation installed by a company that is not experienced in this line of work. In the end it costs you more money for the mistakes they can make. We offer the most affordable prices and the best quality of work.

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