How To Get Rid of Cluster (AKA Attic) Flies

cluster-fly-02Now that we’re well into the winter season — which is apparent with all of the record-setting snowstorms — more and more homeowners are noticing cluster flies (also known as attic flies) residing in their attic and walls. Although they aren’t known to bite humans, these long, striped flies can prove to be a real nuisance for homeowners. If you’re struggling with an infestation of cluster flies in your home, keep reading to learn more about these pesky insects and how to keep them outside where they belong.

Why Do Cluster Flies Enter Homes During The Winter?

Some people assume that cluster flies enter homes to search for food, which isn’t a bad theory considering this is how other common pests find food. The truth, however, is that cluster flies enter homes during the winter to escape the cold weather. When the weather is warm outside, they will fly around in search of flowers and fruit to feast on. Once the mercury drops and the temperatures cool, cluster flies will begin their hunt for a new, warmer home to wait out the winter.

Facts About Cluster Flies

  • They feed on earthworms
  • They do not pose a threat to humans
  • Cluster flies enter homes during the winter to escape the cold weather
  • Transitioning from egg to adult typically takes about a month.
  • There are several dozen species of cluster flies.

Block Their Point of Entry

If cluster flies are a problem in your home, you should first perform a thorough inspection to location their point of entry. Contrary to what some people may believe, cluster flies do not breed inside homes; instead, they breed outside before entering the home in search of warmth. If you’re able to block their point of entry, you will essentially solve your pest problem.

Go through your home and look for holes, gaps and cracks where a small cluster fly could enter. Remember, it only takes a hole the size of a rice grain for a cluster fly to enter. If you believe the vents in your attic offer an entry point for these pests, try placing a screen over them. This will prevent any cluster flies or other unwanted insects from entering while still allowing air to pass through.

Hanging some fly glue traps in areas with high cluster fly activity may also aid in controlling their numbers.

What’s your solution to dealing with cluster flies? Let us know in the comments section below!

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