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  • Insulation Removal on US Air Force Reserve Base
  • Attic Cleaning at Google offices
  • Insulation Removal at Toyota offices
  • Attic Cleaning at AAA offices
  • Attic Cleaning at State Farm offices
  • Insulation Removal at Wells Fargo branch
  • Attic Cleaning and Insulation Removal for Caltrans offices
  • Insulation Removal at off campus housing
  • Bird droppings cleanup in parking deck

Recent Work

Small Space Attic Cleaning - San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Attic Debris Cleanup - Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa

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Most people know, as homeowners, that they should probably insulate their attic, but what are…

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The Benefits of a Well-Insulated Attic

Most people know, as homeowners, that they should probably insulate their attic, but what are the actual benefits of attic insulation? Most homeowners and contractors choose to insulate for multiple reasons, including the cost and energy savings. Below, we have listed some of the most talked-about potential attic-insulation benefits.

Benefit #1: Cost Savings

The vast majority of people will experience a high amount of energy savings as a result of significantly reduced heat loss. Also, insulation can help you keep in the cool air in times of hot weather. This can lead to savings of hundreds of dollars on your monthly electricity bill. The statistics vary, but some homeowners have reported as much as a 50% savings once their attic has been insulated. How much you save will depend on a multitude of factors, such as the shape of your house and attic, the type of heating in the house, and the climate of the area. On a grander scale, Americans have saved billions of dollars in energy costs just due to attic insulation. Benefits to a household budget can be great: This small investment can make a dramatic change in a home, especially in homes built earlier than the 1980s. Simply saving money can be one of the most appealing factors to many homeowners.

Benefit #2: Protecting the Environment

For those who care only about their wallets, the first benefit is enough. On the other hand, those motivated by helping the environment will be happy, too. Insulating your attic, according to the Department of Energy, is one of the most important energy-saving projects you can complete in your home. The energy saved with this means less need for energy creation, so power plants won’t need to produce said energy. This also reduces pollution, as the majority of plants, whether they use fossil fuels or nuclear energy, must harm the environment in some way with byproducts or waste. Reducing the amount of energy we consume can have a big effect on local ecosystems, and on a larger scale, it can help the entire country. Of course, it’s clear that the benefits of attic insulation are great; however, this should be just one step in a family’s overall energy-saving plan. One should also invest in temperature control and duct cleaning and replacement.

Benefit #3: Preventing Long-Term Damage from Moisture

When an attic is not properly insulated, the rising heat might lead to melting snow on a roof, which can then lead to ice dams. Moisture, ice dams, and condensation can slowly, steadily cause persistent damage in a home, especially on the roof, which can be very expensive to repair. Moisture can also seep inside, and wet insulation is much less effective at keeping in heat. This turns into a horrible cycle of long-term damage. By sealing, checking, and changing out your insulation, you can prevent quite a few headaches down the road. If you do have condensation or moisture inside your attic, it may be symptomatic of roofing issues or leakage; it’s important to call experts right away to have this checked out.

These are just a few of the many benefits of making sure your attic has clean and effective insulation. If your attic is leaking energy, causing you to lose money, and possibly wreaking havoc on other areas of your home, it’s time to call the best company for professional attic insulation services: Attic Guys. We handle everything, from pest prevention to commercial insulation. Contact us online today to get a free estimate.

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Common Causes of Roof Ice Dams and How To Prevent Them

Ice dams on the roof occur when snow melts and forms ice around the gutters, creating a blockage (hence the name: dam) that prevents water from traveling down the side of the home or building. It’s a problem. When water, snow and ice are backed up on a roof, it opens the doors to a wide range of problems for the homeowner. Whether you live up north or down south, you need to be aware of the common causes of ice dams on the roof so you can prevent it from occurring on your home.

Problems Associated With Roof Ice Dams

  • Water gets underneath shingles and leaks into roof
  • Damages or event rots wood
  • The weight of a massive ice dam may cause some gutters to break under pressure
  • Creates a serious hazard for anyone walking underneath

Severe ice dam on roof: photo by State Farm.

Watch Your Roof Temperatures!

The single most common cause of roof ice dams is a hot roof. When snow falls onto a hot roof, it begins to melt into water, at which point it runs down to the gutters at the edge of the roof where it refreezes back into ice. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain a normal roof temperature to reduce the chance of an ice dam.

So, how do you control the temperature of your roof? The secret to keeping your roof cool during the winter is to make sure your attic is well insulated. Allowing the warm, moist air from inside your home to leak into the attic will naturally heat up the roof. Take a few minutes to inspect the insulation of your attic. Look for areas where insulation is missing, torn, ripped or otherwise damaged. You can purchase insulation from your local home improvement store to fill in the gaps by yourself, without the need for a professional contractor.

roof-ice-dam-02Moisture Also Plays a Role In The Formation of Roof Ice Dams

Temperature isn’t the only contributing factor in the formation of a roof ice dam; attic moisture may also encourage its development. There are several different elements which may create moisture in the attic, some of which includes poor insulation, faulty air conditioning condenser, roof damage, bathroom exhaust fan venting to the roof, etc

The bottom line is that homeowners need to make sure their attic is properly insulated and isn’t suffering from high humidity levels. Allowing these two problems to go unaddressed could result in  severe roof ice dam.

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