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Attic Condensation

Causes and Solutions For Attic Condensation


Condensation in the attic is a serious problem that must be addressed by homeowners. If left untreated, it can damage critical structural elements of the home, such as the trusses and rafters, ruin insulation, damage any stored belongings, and lead to the formation of potentially toxic black mold.

You can prevent these problems from occurring by maintaining a dry attic with a low relative humidity. First, however, you must identify the source of the moisture.

Signs of condensation in the attic may include the following:

  • Moisture forming on the glass window panes or other flat surfaces.
  • Traces where water has trickled down the walls.
  • Damp insulation.
  • Noticeable musky, damp odor.

Common Causes of Condensation In The Attic

There are dozens of things that can cause condensation buildups in the attic, one of which is a leaking roof. Even a small pin head-sized hole can send gallons of water pouring into your attic over the course of a couple months. And to make matters worse, these holes are not easily identified unless it’s raining. If you believe a leaking roof is to blame for your attic condensation, perform a little investigative work the next time it rains, inspecting the roof for signs of a leak.

Improperly vented bathroom and dryer exhausts may trigger the formation of condensation in the attic. Both bathroom and dryer exhausts are designed to serve the same basic purpose: to vent the hot, humid air outside the home. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for contractors or DIY homeowners to run these exhaust vents to the attic rather than outside the home; thus, pushing the humid air into the attic. Check to make sure all exhausts are vented outside, not the attic.

Broken water pipes may also cause trigger condensation in attics. If the pipe is completely busted, then you’ll likely experience a severe flooding of the attic. On the other hand, if there’s a minor hair-line crack in the pipe, it could release a very small — yet still damaging — amount of water.

Solutions For Attic Condensation

Running a dehumidifier will help to eliminate some of the condensation in an attic, but it’s not a viable long-term solution by any means. Depending on the moisture levels of your attic, you could find yourself emptying it several times a day. A more sensible solution is to identify the source of the condensation and eliminate it. A properly designed attic should maintain a stable relative humidity (RH).

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5 Major Attic Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

house planRenovating your attic is a great way to turn this rarely used area of your home into a fully functional bonus room or guest bedroom. This can open up a whole new world of opportunities for homeowners, allowing them to expand their home without having to physically build new rooms. But fully renovating an attic isn’t an easy task by any means, and if you don’t take the right approach, you could end doing more harm than good.

Mistake #1) Not Enough Insulation

Don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining adequate insulation throughout your attic during a major renovation project. Removing the current insulation or creating gaps where there’s no insulation will raise your home’s energy usage, forcing you to pay more for electricity and gas. You can check the website for recommended attic insulation levels.

Mistake #2) Not Acquiring Multiple Quotes

If you’re going to hire a professional contractor to renovate your attic, you should call around to get multiple quotes. Don’t just hire the first contractor that you find in the phone book or online, but instead take a few minutes to call at least half a dozen contractors to find out how much they charge. Comparing the prices between different contractors can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the total cost of the renovation.

Mistake #3) Low Budget

Fully renovating an attic into a bedroom can quickly burn through your available finances. According to the website, the average cost of renovating an attic in the U.S. is approximately $50,148, $36,346 of which is recouped when the home is sold. Before you jump into a major attic renovation project, make sure you have a budget large enough to finish the job; otherwise, you could end up with an attic that’s half done.

Mistake #4) Failure To Follow Building Codes

Another all-too-common mistake homeowners make during attic renovations is failure to follow local city building codes. Always check beforehand to ensure that all of your bases are covered. This includes acquiring the right building permits (if necessary), using the appropriate materials, building techniques, etc.

Mistake #5) Lack of Ventilation

You can’t expect to fully renovate an attic unless there’s air flowing through it. Lack of ventilation will not only create an uncomfortably hot and humid environment, but it can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew. If you aren’t comfortable performing this task, hire a professional HVAC technician to do the job.

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