Are Birds Living In Your Attic? Read This.

attic-bird-01Have you heard the distinct chirping sound of birds originating from your attic? Some homeowners and families may turn a blind-eye to the presence of birds inside their attic, but these seemingly peaceful creatures can pose a threat to anyone living inside the home. Rodents aren’t the only type of pest known to infiltrate attics; birds can, too. If you believe birds are living inside your attic, keep reading to learn more about the potential dangers of an avian infestation and how you can evict them.


Let’s face it, the sound of birds chirping from sun up to sundown isn’t exactly pleasing. And when they’re nesting in the ceiling directly above you, sounds such as this are amplified. You may only hear an occasional chirp here and there, but once they begin to reproduce, or when other birds fly into the attic, you can expect to hear an orchestra of birds singing all kinds of tunes.

Ticks, Mites and Other Insects

Noise is a small concern when compared to the ticks, mites and other insects birds can bring into your home. Once the bird finds a comfortable place in your attic, some of these potentially disease-carrying parasitic insects may fall off and begin to look for a new home. Ticks, in particular, are known to carry dozens of nasty diseases, including Lyme Disease.

You can spray industrial-grade insecticides all you want, but unless you stop birds from coming into your home the insect problem will persist. Pesticides may work as a temporary solution by killing the current insects in your home and attic; however, preventing birds from entering your attic is the key to stopping insects such as these from entering your home.

Urine and Droppings

This isn’t something most homeowners want to think about, but birds living in the attic means they are urinating and defecating inside their home. This, of course, brings a whole new set of potential dangers for family members. Bird urine and droppings will encourage bacteria and mold, while leaving family members susceptible to illness.

Dealing With Bird Infestations In The Attic

Birds typically find their way into an attic by a small hole or opening on the exterior of the home. Even if it’s just a 1-2 inches wide, a small bird can wiggle their way into the sanctuary of your attic. In order to prevent them from coming back, homeowners must find and close up the point of entry.

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