Attic Storage and Organization Tips

questionmark-02Attics offer the perfect area to store unused furniture, clothes, home goods, or practically anything else you have lingering around inside your home. Rather than tossing these items in the corner of a room where it creates a cluttered mess, you can store them in the attic. It’s a quick and easy way to store your unused belongings. In this post, we’re going to reveal some attic storage and organization tips.

Ditch The Cardboard Boxes

So, what’s wrong with cardboard boxes in the attic? They may work fine for the first few months, but the high humidity levels combined with the fluctuating temperatures may damage them over the course of several years. And when the box is saturated in moisture, its contents may damage as well. Cardboard boxes should only be used as a temporary attic storage solution and not long term.

Use Plastic Bins

A better alternative to cardboard boxes are plastic storage bins. You can purchase these for about $5-$10 bucks a piece, making them an inexpensive way to safely store your belongings. Plastic bins offer a superior level of strength and durability. Whether your attic humidity levels are low, high or anywhere in between, a sealed plastic bin will protect your belongings from moisture.

Once the plastic bins are set up in your attic, you should then go back and label their contents. Trust me, the extra five minutes or so it takes to label the storage bins in your attic will make your life ten times easier in the future. Rather than rummaging through each and every storage bin when you need a particular item, you can look at the labels to determine which plastic bin it’s located in.

Start From The Back

It’s usually best to start your attic organization from the back and gradually work your way back up front. When you’re loading up furniture and storage bins in your attic, take them to the back first. As the back of your attic begins to fill with items, start working your way to the front (stairs).

Another important tip for storing items in the attic is to leave yourself a walking path between the bins and items. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when storing items in the attic is blocking their path so they can’t access their items in the future. A smarter solution is to leave yourself just a small walking path that connects the front of your attic to the back.

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