What Are Attic Baffles?

Learn more about attic baffles and the purpose they serve

Although they aren’t found in all residential and commercial attics, baffles offer several unique benefits that are found elsewhere. Some people assume baffles serve no real purpose, but this simply isn’t true. Installing them in your attic can improve ventilation by encouraging proper airflow through the attic. To learn more about attic baffles and the unique benefits they offer, keep reading.

Modern-day attics are typically constructed with soffit vents to allow fresh air in and stale air out. Completely enclosing an attic without any natural source of ventilation places it at risk for mold, mildew, rot and other moisture problems. The warm, moist air from inside the home will rise up into the attic where it accumulates over time.

Eventually, the air will become so stale and moist that it promotes the growth of mold and fungi, destroying furniture, insulation or others items stores here. Soffit vents are openings directly under the roof which allows the stale air to pass freely to the outside of the home or building. As the warm, moist air moves into the attic, it’s then pushed through the soffit vent where it’s exhausted outside.

There’s no special devices or machines required for this process, as soffit vents are nothing more than openings with a vent cover to prevent unwanted pests from entering. Baffles play an important role in the function of soffit vents, as they prevent the intrusion of insulation or other debris. Most baffles are installed between the rafters and roof sheathing to create a barrier of protection for the soffit vents.

Without a baffle in place, blown cellulose insulation and other debris could potentially enter the soffit vents, clogging it up to the point where it’s no longer able to pass air through. If the soffit vents are blocked, they won’t be able to serve the purpose they were originally designed for; thus, encouraging the formation of mold and fungi. Thankfully, baffles are relatively quick and easy to install, and most homeowners can perform the installation themselves without hiring a professional contractor.

Attic baffles are available in both cardboard and foam models, offering an expensive solution to prevent blockages in the soffit vents. You can purchase baffles, as well as all the tools necessary for the installation, from most home improvement stores.

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