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Attic Insulation Guide: Tips and Information on How to Better Insulate Your Attic


Attic Insulation Benefits

When it comes to saving money on heating and cooling, it pays to know how to better insulate your attic. This is important, as improper or inadequate insulation can cause a number of problems in addition to higher climate control costs. These problems include mold and mildew issues, and during the winter months, some attics may experience the formation of ice dams. To avoid these problems, you’ll want to find out as much as possible about insulation and its installation process. At Attic Guys, we can act as your attic insulation guide and aid you in understanding the best ways to improve the insulation in your home’s attic. We can help you prevent costly problems from occurring by offering valuable attic insulation tips.

Determine Your R-Values

There are a variety of ways to insulate your attic, but the first step is to determine what climate zone you live in. This is necessary in order to know the appropriate R-value you will need for your insulation. The R-value is determined by the type of insulation and its ability to resist the flow of heat. The higher the R-value, the higher the quality of the insulation. Knowing your climate zone will help you to decide which R-value range is best for your attic.

Check Your Insulation

Once you have determined what R-rating you need from consulting a climate zone and attic insulation guide, you’ll want to have your insulation inspected to see what condition it is in. Insulation can become old and worn out, losing its effectiveness, or in some cases, it may have been improperly installed. If, for example, the attic is properly insulated but the attic feels overly cold in the winter or hot during the summer, there may be old or inadequate insulation. The solution to this would be to add to the current insulation or to remove and replace it. Typically, this will require the professional services of a contractor such as Attic Guys, as we know the various ways to insulate your attic properly. This work will save energy, and in the long run, it will also save money in terms of heating and cooling costs.

Choose the Type of Insulation to Use

Another important tip for how to better insulate your attic is to choose the right type of insulation. In a house’s attic, loose-fill insulation and blanket insulation are two of the common types used. Loose-fill insulation is made of rock wool, fiberglass, or cellulose and is suitable for difficult to reach or irregularly shaped areas. This type of insulation is often referred to as blown-in insulation, as it is typically blown into place with special machinery. Blanket insulation, which comes in the form of rolls or batts, is made of rock wool or fiberglass. This type of installation is meant for standard-sized spaces; however, in some cases, we may install rolls and batts in non-standard spaces by cutting and trimming them to fit. If you need further attic insulation tips, browse our site to learn more, or contact us today regarding our expert insulation removal and new attic insulation services. We’d love to be of service!

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