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Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
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Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
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Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa

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Attic Guys takes the job of rat infestation and removal very seriously, and for a good reason!

The odds are pretty high that at some point your attic will have had a pest or rodent infestation and many of these creatures carry diseases. It is imperative that you protect yourself and your family from potential exposure to these rodents and do everything possible to reduce the risk of them transmitting diseases to anyone in your household. These are called zoonotic diseases by the way.

Attic Guys offers a unique niche service. We are extremely skilled and qualified to provide an effective rodent infestation cleanup service combined with rodent proofing and insulation services.

Rodent feces and urine need to be safely removed and measures need to be taken to proof your attic in order to prevent them from returning. Here are some good reasons why you need a professional service from Attic Guys to remove all traces of the infestation.


Rats carry this virus in their urine as well as in their saliva and droppings. There is a clear danger of exposure to this virus simply by breathing in contaminated dust after or during the cleaning process, which is why Attic Guys wear protective clothing when carrying out this work.


It is possible for any of us to become infected by leptospirosis if we come into contact with food, water, or soil that contains urine from any infected rodents.

Murine Typhus

Rat fleas and feces are the primary source of this acute infectious disease. The range of symptoms includes headache, fever, body aches and pains, chills and a rash.


This is a bacteria that leads to disease in animals as well as humans and is transmitted by eating foods that have been contaminated with animal feces.


These are facts about known diseases associated with a rodent infestation that can potentially develop into a health risk for you and your family if it is not properly dealt with, but it is not just rats that are an issue.

Other seriously troublesome rodents are house mice, which also represent a major nuisance and hazard to homes across the United States. These mice not only cause damage to your insulation, water pipes and electrical wires, but their nesting activities also create a possible health risk to anyone in the house.

Attic Guys has developed a very effective mice cleanup program that decontaminates your attic space using techniques that are safe, which is especially important if you have a family home with children and pets.

Rat cleanup and decontamination has to be thorough. To be fully effective it is not just a matter of removing droppings, carcasses and traces of urine. Your insulation may need to be removed safely and replaced if it has been destroyed or contaminated. You also need to prevent rodents from returning to your property in the future.

If the urine, droppings, and traces of pheromones that these creatures leave behind are not fully removed and the attic area is not systematically cleaned, you will continue to attract rats and mice to your home.

You really don’t want to run the risk of exposing your family to something like hantavirus. Our attic clean-up service offers a surefire way to eliminate any exposure to these potential health risks.