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  • 2014 Angies List Super Service Award
  • 2013 Angies List Super Service Award
  • 2011 Angies List Super Service Award
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Recent Clients

  • Insulation Removal on US Air Force Reserve Base
  • Attic Cleaning at Google offices
  • Insulation Removal at Toyota offices
  • Attic Cleaning at AAA offices
  • Attic Cleaning at State Farm offices
  • Insulation Removal at Wells Fargo branch
  • Attic Cleaning and Insulation Removal for Caltrans offices
  • Insulation Removal at off campus housing
  • Bird droppings cleanup in parking deck

Recent Work

Small Space Attic Cleaning - San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Attic Debris Cleanup - Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa

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If you have just set eyes upon a procyon lotor, then you have in fact spotted a raccoon on your property, although the chances of seeing one in the flesh are limited because of their nocturnal tendencies.

It is hard to mistake a raccoon when you consider their appearance, which features a distinctive black mask with a ringed tail. Many people associate curious and mischievous behavior with the raccoon since they seem to particularly enjoy playing around with your trash cans.

It is best not to be fooled into thinking this is a lovable creature, simply because it looks cute. It can cause a lot of damage to your home if it decides to lay down its roots in your outbuildings, attic, or chimney stack.

Raccoons are definitely not afraid to venture into well-populated urban areas. They can quickly become a nuisance as a result of the damage and mess that they can cause in search of refuge and food.

Summer time is when the raccoon can wreak havoc on your lawn as it digs for earthworms and grubs. As we head into fall, they quickly turn their attention to food waste that we leave in our trash cans. These social animals will stay together as a family group for up to a year and as numbers increase, so does the risk of structural damage to your property as they try to enter areas of your home like the attic.

Exclusion is the most effective long-term method of discouraging raccoons from visiting or entering your property. This means restricting access to the garbage by keeping it out of sight or reach and making sure that the vents in the roof or soffits are sufficiently animal-proof.

Attic Guys can help you make your property inaccessible to raccoons and provide some practical advice on how to persuade these creatures to look elsewhere for food and lodgings.