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  • Insulation Removal on US Air Force Reserve Base
  • Attic Cleaning at Google offices
  • Insulation Removal at Toyota offices
  • Attic Cleaning at AAA offices
  • Attic Cleaning at State Farm offices
  • Insulation Removal at Wells Fargo branch
  • Attic Cleaning and Insulation Removal for Caltrans offices
  • Insulation Removal at off campus housing
  • Bird droppings cleanup in parking deck

Recent Work

Small Space Attic Cleaning - San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Small Space Attic Cleaning – San Diego
Attic Debris Cleanup - Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Attic Debris Cleanup – Rancho Santa Fe
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa
Blown Insulation Removal – Napa

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The average bat in the U.S. weighs anywhere between 3.5 and 60 grams and their bodies are covered in hair that ranges in color from tan to black.

While you shouldn’t be fearing bats from a blood-sucking point of view, an infestation can be a problem for several reasons.

Bats can be the source of a host of irritating noises as they go about their routine activities. Their droppings can definitely be an issue, even though the scare stories about rabies are wide of the mark. Bats can certainly carry the dreaded rabies virus, but as they go out of their way to avoid any sort of human interaction, the chances of any diseases being transmitted are relatively low (unless you are the one performing bat control work with inadequate protection).

Bats definitely polarize opinions. Some people even choose to encourage bats onto their property by installing bat houses, so that they can feed on the insects that would otherwise be a nuisance to humans.

The signs of a bat infestation are the sounds of their activities inside the attic or where they have nested, and the their droppings, which can be distinguished from similar-looking mice droppings by the fact that rat droppings are segmented and contain insect parts in them.

If you are a homeowner who does not want bats anywhere near your home, then you need to call the Attic Guys to sort out the problem because cleanup after bats is definitely a challenge that requires a professional approach.

Bats can squeeze through very tiny spaces, so it can often take a couple of inspections to fully evaluate their movements and then devise a humane solution to remove them and prevent them from returning, that is within the rules and regulations that govern this protected species.